When Blake Ryann receives a call notifying him of his father’s death he rushes to the funeral only to find himself among total strangers. Even more shocking than his father’s death is that the man had an entire second family in a small Napa winery, including a beautiful grieving widow and grown son. Furious and betrayed, he sets out to unravel his father’s mysterious double life, and vows to make the illegitimate family go away. But then he meets a woman at the winery whose sensual nature calls to the emotions he’s repressed all his life. Can this fiery, dark-haired beauty make him surrender his quest for vengeance?

 All her life Mikaela Dulcinea has longed to escape her sheltered world. The winery where she works has employed her family for generations, and her traditional father thinks she should want nothing more than to marry and grow the family tree. Mikaela wants to go to college, see the world, and make her own life. Dashing and worldly, Blake Ryann epitomizes everything she yearns for, and she’s instantly attracted. But can she melt the icy heart of this arrogant executive? Or will he be as inflexible as her controlling family?

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Brody Ryann’s laid-back life running a beachfront Bed & Breakfast and surfing is turned upside down when he learns his father died and he has two brothers he never knew existed. But the worst part is there are millions missing from his father’s bank accounts and his tight-ass brother sends a stuffy accountant to pour over every row and column of his books. Except, the longer she’s there, the less stuffy she seems. As he slowly falls in love with the quiet, responsible woman, he realizes he wants to keep her in his life. But will that mean an end to his free and easy, carefree days?

Ever since her ex-husband deserted her, Jade Zimmerman trusts men about as far as she can throw them. She copes by making sure her life has structure and stability. When her boss sends her on an out of town assignment to find missing money, she takes it seriously, even if the charming surfer whose books she’s auditing doesn’t. The blond beach god thinks life is all about surfing and having fun, and soon, he’s charmed his way into her heart. Walking away is going to hurt. But after being deserted by her own father and her ex-husband, she knows better than to trust another man. Or does she?

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Rafael Ryann’s duty has always been to his family and the winery. He’s even prepared to propose to the woman his family expects him to marry. Until he meets a quirky barista at his favorite café. The mischievous redhead lives a carefree life that Rafe envies. She tempts him to buck the system and break with tradition. But with his life at the winery crashing down around him and her careless lifestyle tempting him more each day, he realizes having the life he desires hurts too many people. But what would he sacrifice to be with the woman he loves?

 Keeley Rose has crushed on Rafe since the first day he ordered a café latte. But he’s never hidden the fact that he has a girlfriend. Then, concerned for her safety, he starts driving her home each night from her bartending job and they end up almost making love. Nobody has looked out for Keeley in years. For a few wondrous weeks Rafe loses his Mr. Responsibility scowl and they become intimate while following clues about his father’s death. But when the real world catches up to them, Keeley is the one left alone. Again. Having grown up being shuffled from one friend to another by her carefree mom, Keeley doesn’t believe everlasting love is in the cards for her.

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Undercover Heart -- Pamela Stone

Undercover Heart - November 2013

Hard-edged DEA agent Shayne Kelley grew up fast, shuffled from one foster family to the next. But it made him tough. And damned good at working undercover. But when an idealistic schoolteacher reunites him with the father who abandoned him as a child, his well-ordered world is shaken. He can’t seem to resist the naïve teacher and her reckless optimism. Can her sweet love crumble the wall of bitterness around his heart?

Raised by loving parents, middle school teacher Dani Cochran wants to make a difference in the world.  She works with troubled teens during summer break, believing that everyone deserves a second chance. Especially Shayne Kelley. She sees through Shayne’s defenses and enlists his aid with her juvenile delinquents. Will he teach them his cynical view of life? Or will Dani convince her students--and Shayne--that love is the strongest force on earth? But can she risk loving a man who seems destined to break her heart?

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Partners By Design -- Pamela Stone

Partners By Design - June 2013

Savannah Holt has one goal. To make a success of her interior design business so she never has to depend on anyone, especially a guy, for security. Since her father’s death, she’s watched her pampered mother jump from one bad relationship to the next in an effort to survive financially. After Savannah leases the perfect office space, she discovers that the architect she’ll be sharing it with is the boy who broke her teenage heart eight years before. But she’d rather face Logan every day than admit he still has the power to affect her.

Logan Reid has only been in love once, but he was forced to break it off. Now, he’s put romance on hold and focused his energy on working three jobs while earning his degree and architect license. When Savannah walks back into his office, and his life, he soon realizes he’s still in love with her. But Logan must stay away from Savannah, or his secret could destroy them both.

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Rocking Horse Cowboys -- Pamela Stone

Rocking Horse Cowboys -- May 2013

When Dylan McKeon discovers he has twin 18 month-old sons, love and pride overpower him, followed swiftly by rage. How could his ex-girlfriend have kept them a secret? Determined to make up for lost time, Dylan obtains visitation with the twins at his Texas ranch. The only drawback is the boys’ mother must accompany them. Two weeks with Jordan under his roof brings back all the love and passion they once shared. Except he can no longer trust her. Or can he?

Her senior year of college, Jordan Harris fell hopelessly in love with a charming cowboy and foolishly rode off into the sunset with him. But once they landed on Dylan’s ranch, her hero became distant and quarrelsome. After months of trying to make things work, she gave up and returned home, only to realize she was pregnant. Two years later, he’s still the passionate and irresistible man she fell in love with. But he only wants her for his sons. And her heart couldn’t survive another go round with Dylan.

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Second Chance Dad

Second Chance Dad -- Out now from Harlequin American Romance

Who said starting over was easy?

Moving back to her Texas hometown after her divorce seemed like a good idea at the time. Until Hanna Rosser’s usually well-behaved son gets into trouble at school. The single mother knows exactly who’s to blame—Vince Keegan, father of her son’s new best friend.  Vince may be the most irresistible man on the block, but he’s got a lot to learn about parenting.

All right, so Vince’s daughter is a little high-spirited.  Hanna’s downright overprotective of her precious boy! Unfortunately, she’s also far too appealing for this widowed dad’s peace of mind.

Maybe it’s time Hanna and Vince let go of their pasts and gave in to what’s happening between them.  Just because they’re parents, doesn’t mean they can’t have a second chance at love.

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Last Resort Marriage

Last Resort: Marriage -- Out now from Harlequin American Romance

Desperate times call for...a quickie wedding!

And desperation is the only reason Charlotte Harrington would even consider marrying local playboy Aaron Brody. Even if he is the most irresistible man she's ever laid eyes on.

Charlie's proposition could be a win-win for both of them. Aaron keeps his charter business afloat and the gorgeous, cool-as-ice hotel heiress keeps her grandfather from selling her hotel out from under her. Besides, it's temporary.

Isn't it?

It was supposed to be strictly a business arrangement. Falling in love with her husband wasn't part of the deal. So when the time comes, will Charlie be able to just shake hands with Aaron and part ways forever?

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