• December 2020 – Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I had any writing news to share. Lots of reasons I won’t bore you with, but thanks to the pandemic, I’ve finally finished the trilogy I’ve had in my mind for years, Hayden’s Dynasty

    Each book is the story of one of Hayden’s sons as they find love and resolve the mystery surrounding their father’s life and death.

    Blake - Book One –When a cold-hearted executive learns his father led a double life, he uses all his resources to make sure the illegitimate family receives nothing. But a fiery, dark-haired beauty tempts him to surrender his quest for revenge and embrace love.

    Brody – Book Two –After his father is killed, a laid back surfer finds his world turned upside down by the discovery of two half-brothers. Millions of dollars are missing and an uptight accountant audits his books, questions his integrity, and makes him rethink his carefree single life.

    Rafael – Book Three –Duty to family is so ingrained in the heir to a winery that he’s prepared to marry where he doesn’t love for the sake of business. Until he meets a free-spirited blonde who tempts him to break with tradition and be irresponsible.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

  • October 2013 - Hi everyone.  Summer was busy with family and friends. A large group of us embarked on a family excursion and rented a beach house on Bolivar Peninsula.  Lots of kiddos and fun in the sand and surf.  Fantastic seafood.  Wiggled my toes in the sand. Ahhh. I can hear the seagulls squawking just thinking about it.

     I have to admit that I haven’t gotten quite as much writing done as I’d hoped,  but I do have another book coming out.  The title is Undercover Heart and it’s a little heavier  than my other stories. Yes, it’s a love story, but it has a strong secondary storyline about the hero’s struggle when confronted with the father who gave him up for adoption as a toddler.  It’s another Texas story, with a large part of it set on Galveston Island.

  • June 2013 - I’m really excited to have a new book out this month.  Two books in two months. How cool is that?

    Partners By Design is a reunited lover story.  Set in Fort Worth, Texas where I grew up, this book was fun to write.  It gave me an excuse to revisit some of the places I hung out as a teen.  The TCU area is a wonderful older neighborhood with amazing architecture and its own unique personality nestled around the Texas Christian University campus.

    I appreciate everyone’s support of Rocking Horse Cowboys.  It’s doing great.

  • May 2013 – Wow, it’s been a long time since I checked in and updated the site.  Sorry about that.  A lot has happened. First, I officially took an early retirement offer from my corporate America job and hope to devote more time to writing.  WooHoo!  I thought that would never happen.

    I’ve joined a new writing group called the Plotting Princesses. We have some awesome writers and fun blogs, so if you get a chance, stop by and say hello.

    I have a new book coming out in May titled Rocking Horse Cowboys. Please check out my hot new cover on the Bookshelf Page.  I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Dylan is one of my favorite heroes.

  • Happy 2011!  It's certainly kicking off with a bang in my world. Between learning a new position in the day job and the official release of Second Chance Dad, no time to sneak off to the beach to wiggle my toes in warm sand for this girl. I do have a few fun events lined up to go along with the March 8 release of my second book though.  I’d love to see a friendly face.
  • February 23 – for anyone in the Dallas area, I’ll be speaking at the Lakewood Library at 1:00 PM along with Lorraine Heath and Vicki Batman.  We’ll be giving away copies of books and other goodies.  Please stop by if you are in the area.

  • March 3 – I’ll be blogging with the Pink Heart Society:

  • March 8SECOND CHANCE DAD hits the shelves.  WooHoo! It is currently available for preorder from Amazon.

  • March 12 – I’ll be blogging with the Plot Moneys:

  • March 12 – Book signing at Barnes and Noble in Arlington at the Park’s Mall along with Jillian Burns, Evelyn Vaughn, and Elizabeth Daniels.  Stop  by and say hello.

  • March 15 – My monthly blog on the Harlequin American Blog. You never know, could win a book or two:

  • April 1 – Multi-author book signing at the Dreamin’ in Dallas writer’s conference.  7:00–9:00 PM at the Doubletree Hotel in Richardson, TX off I-75.  For more information go to:

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