Partners By Design -- Pamela Stone

Partners By Design - June 2013

Savannah Holt has one goal. To make a success of her interior design business so she never has to depend on anyone, especially a guy, for security. Since her father’s death, she’s watched her pampered mother jump from one bad relationship to the next in an effort to survive financially. After Savannah leases the perfect office space, she discovers that the architect she’ll be sharing it with is the boy who broke her teenage heart eight years before. But she’d rather face Logan every day than admit he still has the power to affect her.

Logan Reid has only been in love once, but he was forced to break it off. Now, he’s put romance on hold and focused his energy on working three jobs while earning his degree and architect license. When Savannah walks back into his office, and his life, he soon realizes he’s still in love with her. But Logan must stay away from Savannah, or his secret could destroy them both.

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Nathan met Logan halfway to the lake and gave him a good-natured shove, nodding toward Savannah dangling her feet off their private dock. “Talk about a nice swerve. Wait until you get a load of that bikini.”

“She and I are not together. Never happen.”

“Something’s happening. The electricity between you two could power my house for a month.”

Logan flashed a glare capable of shutting down his construction workers in mid taunt.

Nathan nodded. “Got it. You’re more into short, pudgy, maybe a wart on her nose. And who wants personality?”

“Screw you.”

As Nathan continued toward the house, his laughter followed Logan.

At least Nathan didn’t know Savannah had been the first--the only--woman to ever get to him. But the wall between them stood as insurmountable today as it had the night eight years ago when he’d ended the relationship. No way could he ever explain why he’d walked away. That wild, spontaneous sixteen-year-old girl he’d fallen in love with would never have believed him. The rigid twenty-four year old woman sitting on the weathered dock wouldn’t handle the truth any better.

His mouth went dry at Savannah’s graceful sway as she stood. Indecent didn’t come close to describing the red bikini. And her legs never stopped.

He finger-combed his sweaty hair from his forehead. The air wasn’t moving today. Getting wet might actually be good.

Savannah backed away from the edge and turned. His gaze skimmed her shoulders and landed on the tiny mole above her left breast. His tongue touched his top lip and he tried to erase the image of kissing her there. The thrill of two kids experimenting with their first sexual encounter.

God, he was so sunk.