Rocking Horse Cowboys -- Pamela Stone

Rocking Horse Cowboy -- May 2013

When Dylan McKeon discovers he has twin 18 month-old sons, love and pride overpower him, followed swiftly by rage. How could his ex-girlfriend have kept them a secret? Determined to make up for lost time, Dylan obtains visitation with the twins at his Texas ranch. The only drawback is the boys’ mother must accompany them. Two weeks with Jordan under his roof brings back all the love and passion they once shared. Except he can no longer trust her. Or can he?

Her senior year of college, Jordan Harris fell hopelessly in love with a charming cowboy and foolishly rode off into the sunset with him. But once they landed on Dylan’s ranch, her hero became distant and quarrelsome. After months of trying to make things work, she gave up and returned home, only to realize she was pregnant. Two years later, he’s still the passionate and irresistible man she fell in love with. But he only wants her for his sons. And her heart couldn’t survive another go round with Dylan.

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“No damn way!” Dylan McKeon blinked at the lawyer then turned his glare on his mother. “Did you instigate this?”

Daisy grinned back at him with all the innocence he knew his mother did not possess. “I’m as surprised as you, sweetie. Who’d have thought your father would do such a thing?” Judging by the upturned corners of her glossed lips, she did.

“Why would Dad leave half the ranch to Jordan?” It made no sense. Jordan had walked out of Dylan’s life over two years ago and he hadn’t seen neither hide nor hair of her since. Dylan turned back to the lawyer. “Is that all? What other death bed insanity did he pull?”

His father’s attorney and longtime drinking buddy ran a finger down the paper and flipped the page. “A few specified items and his vast music collection he left to Daisy.” He nodded to Mom. “All other personal property, vehicles, farm equipment, livestock, bank accounts go to Dylan McKeon, his only son. With the one specification.”

Dylan swallowed the bile in his throat. No way in Hell he was going to allow Jordan Harris to reap a cent off of his or his father’s hard work. “Fifty percent of my family ranch? We’ll see about that.”